Monday, May 16, 2016

Ideas For the Summer

Your family's priority this summer is, of course, to rest, relax, and have fun. However, if you are looking for some ideas to keep your student practicing skills and even avoiding the summer slump over the summer, check out these ideas below!

-Razkids will be available over the summer.
-Here is a list of books 3rd graders enjoy.
-Keep reading nonfiction as well!

-I will leave Prodigy open for the summer. I will not be sending out specific lessons to the class, so it will just move through the remaining 2nd grade curriculum.
- I highly recommend working with your student on memorizing multiplication facts. Even if they could know 0, 1, 2, and possibly even 5 and 10 facts, that would be great! This site has some fun games. Here is a collection of games that can be played with a deck of cards as well.

-Here is the website where I create practice cursive worksheets. Some students may be interested in practicing cursive over the summer, or even learning some upper case letters!
-Consider encouraging your student to do some journal, creative, informational, or opinion writing over the summer. Sometimes, just picking out a new notebook will inspire a kid to try and fill it with their ideas.

Science/ Social Studies
-Keep encouraging nonfiction reading.
-Keep encouraging your student to be inquisitive and creative.
-Talk about what's going on in the news.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Week 35

On Friday we made lanterns in Art. We made lanterns for the Lantern parade. We made fish. We decorated the fins and everything. -Liza

On Friday my class and I made lanterns. The color of the lanterns were bluish tealish. We made fish they looked really cool. We made tails and fins and even lips. -Addy

This week we got new library books. I found these really good chapter books on animals. they have a bunch of stories on animals that are true. The ones I got are about animal friendship and lucky leopards. -Claire

This week our class started learning about constellations but we only did it for one day. It was really fun. My favorite constellation is Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. -Essie

In Art we made fish that were made out of a lantern. We put the tail, mouth, side fins, and fin. -Finn

This week we worked on loops (in cursive). Which look like this: (sorry my computer won't do that, Hank!). Soooo we can make a l, e, so we can spell let and h so we can spell a VERY useful word, the. And we can make k so we can spell kit, b, and f. -Hank

Recently on Prodigy I have been collecting new pets, and I have been leveling up. Right now i'm on level eighteen. I'm in this place called Firefly Forest. -Blake

At Community Circle we sang and Liza, Tegan, Essie, and Addy were the leaders of our class. I think we did a good job. -Liam

This week on Thursday we did tie dye it was really fun. We tie dyed our field day shirts that were for field day which is this coming Friday. I tied min yellow parts and black. But I also left some parts white. It was really fun! -Caroline

This week my class and I made lanterns. Ours was a...Fish! We made different parts. One of the parts was a mouth for the fish. It was awesome!-Teagan

For Fied Day, each class can choose a country to represent in the Field Day Olympics!Our class chose Spain. We got to tie-dye T-shirts in Spain's colors: red, yellow, and black. Our T shirts were also white a bit, but still, they all turned out awesome! -Tobias

We made our lanterns today it was so much fun and I got to my complete fish. -Victor

This week we had Community Circle. We sang Soy Una Taza. The third graders did the Merengue. We all had a lot of fun! -Carter

I took my first origami class and it was fun. We made Star Wars bookmarks. Origami is a skill. Do you like origami? -Robert

We made lanterns and they were fun. We used blue, green, and purple. -George

Today in Art we had made our lantern and they are fish. Blue ones. It was fun and the Lantern Parade is today. I think it is going to be fun because I am going to the Lantern Parade today. Everybody's is cool. Good-bye. -Ta'lor

On Friday we finished our fish lanterns. Last week we started doing it. This Friday we glued the fins, top fin, tail, and the mouth. We also go the body and made it look more like a body. When we were done it had to be on the floor. -Sam

This week we made black, yellow, and red. First, we put four to five rubber bands. Second we brought them to Mrs. Bradshaw and dyed them. Third she let them dry out it was awesome. -Oliver

At Community Circle, the third graders danced the Merengue. It was Spanish Community Circle and the second graders did Soy Una Taza. It was fun! -Ben

This week we finished our lanterns for the Lantern Parade. We made them look like fish. This week, we made the eyes and they actual lantern part. I can't wait for the Lantern Parade! -Annabelle

We read a book and did a book report. I read The Terrible Truth About Third Grade. I liked it. -Carolyn

This week we dyed our shirts in cycles. We picked a pattern and the teacher dyed it. -Karli

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Everything You Need To Know...

...for the next two weeks.


Picnic at the Global Village School
Monday, May 16 at 10:15
We will be walking to GVP (located at Decatur Presbyterian) to tour the school, picnic with our friends, and share and celebrate in our work together. The only option for school lunch is a sack lunch.
Sign Up here

High Museum Art Trip
Thursday, May 19 at 10:00
We will visit the High and eat lunch on site. Students may order sack lunches from the lunchroom. If you are chaperoning, you must provide your own transportation and have your entry tickets bought BEFORE 10:00.
Sign Up here

Field Day
Friday, May 20
The Opening Ceremony begins at 10:30. Students will be eating lunch after 12:30. The only option from the lunch room is a sack lunch. This is much later than our usual lunch! Therefore, they may bring a snack to eat in the morning. In addition, the kids will wear their class Field Day shirts!

End of Year Celebration
Thursday, May 26 at 1:00
We will enjoy snacks, awards, and a short presentation on this day. All are welcome to join us.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Week 34

This week we designed our own BB8s. I made mine blue and black. We made them out of paper and plates and it was really fun! -Annabelle

On Thursday we made our own droids. Mine was called CD-8 because my name is Claire Duvall. It was very fun making droids based on BB-8! Mine looked like BB-i but it had a different name! I love CD-8!-Claire

We made BB-8 droids out of paper. For May the Fourth I made mine red and black. I like mine a lot lot lot. -Liam

On Thursday we made like BB-is. Mine was like the original but it wasn't. It had colors like orange, white, and lots more colors. I named mine BB8 version two. We made them by paper plates and paper. -Finn

This week we made reusable grocery bags with poems for our family. We made them to thank our families for supporting us in 2nd grade. The poems were called Family. To decorate the bags we painted them. -Liza

This week we had our MAP test. Since it was May the 4th Mrs. T said May the 4th Be With You like May The Force Be With You in Star Wars. We also got snacks after the MAP test. It was fun! -Carter

This week we had our Book Club meeting. At my Book Club I got a treat. I thought it was very fun. -Essie

On Thursday my class and I made BB-i from Star Wars. We had Star Wars snacks and we got to create our own BB-is. We used paper plates and markers and they looked awesome. -Addy

This week we got mints for MAP testing. On Wednesday we got the mints for May the 4th Be With You. Some people ate their mints before MAP and some ate theirs after like me. I decided to eat mine after because I wanted it to wake me back up after I did MAP. -Karli

This week we had MAP testing on Language Arts, Math, and Reading. And it started May 4th and May 4th sounds like May The Force Be With You. So-o when we were finished with MAP we came in and had Star Wars snacks and had Star Wars fun like pin the light saber on Yoda and other stuff!-Hank

This week on Friday we had a Star Wars party after MAP testing. We got extra recess and a dip and some corn chips. I was sick Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday but I got to go back to school Friday. I got a little bookmark. Everyone got theirs on Thursday. They were really cool! I also got a Ziplock bag Mrs. Bradshaw put together for me it had a mint in it. It was really fun! -Caroline

This Friday was great. We got to have so much fun. We got snacks and they were called 3 Leia Dip and we got to do so much. I got to pick out a toy and everyone else did. I picked out a top. -Oliver

It is MAP test week and we are doing something special Star Wars related. We have eaten snacks. We had cheese dip then Star Wars crackers but before that we played a game that involved Yoda and a lot of light sabers. -Blake

This week we made BB-8s. They were amazing to look at. All BB-8s were so cool. -Victor

This week we had our last MAP testing of the year. We have one more day and then we are done. The first day was reading, then math, then reading. Math is the hardest for me. -Ben

On Friday we did a test and after that we had Star Wars fun. We got to pick out toys and I got a thing that can shoot out something. We also got extra recess after that and some of us brought them outside to play with it was really fun! We also got to build something for Star Wars fun. -Sam

On Thursday we made BB-i which is a droid from Star Wars. It was so fun! We made BB-is out of paper and a plate. That was fun, too. It was sort of a challenge for it to stay together. We could make it any color it was so fun! -Teagan

This week we did MAP testing but Star Wars themed. It was awesome and fun. -George

We had MAP testing, and after that we would have a snack and Star Wars fun. The first day we had popcorn and cranberries adn we colored little paper light sabers. Today, we had chips and a word search.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Week 33

At Art we drew animals and it was a lot of fun. We colored the animals in yellow, red, and blue. -Victor

On Tuesday our class went to the Botanical Gardens. It was so fun. We so so many plants. That was so fun but the end was so hot. -Teagan

This week we went to the Botanical Garden. We saw some really cool blown glass. We saw some beautiful flowers and ponds. In the ponds we saw frogs. I had so much fun! -Liza

On Friday my group went to the Technology Center. Ms. Bradshaw finally go something on the blog. -Liam

On Monday we read everyone's movie reviews. Then you got tickets and you wrote why you liked two. I gave one to Addy and Blake. -Ben

On Tuesday we went to the Botanical Garden! We saw glass statues they were really cool. My favorite part was the Japanese Garden and the Greenhouse. -Hank

We made movie tickets and gave them to each other. And I thought it was fun. We wrote it. -Robert

This morning we wrote our own poems. Mine was about wind. We had to pick wind, sun, rain, or fire. We also had to pick an animal Our choices were dog, horse, bird, and fish. I picked bird. -Carolyn

On Friday my class and I made poems. We had to choose from some categories. I did two poems. The categories that I chose were horse and fire and bird and wind. I thought it was fun and awesome. -Addy

We are working on poetry and we are trying to create our own poem. The natural elements are sun, fire, rain, wind. And the animals are dog, horse, bird, and fish. I picked bird and rain and then we described the element. -Blake

This week we went to the Botanical Garden. We got to go into the desert, rainforest, and a forest. I thought it was fun! -Carter

We went to the Botanical Garden on Tuesday. We saw beautiful sculptures and some were made in Finland where I was born. We saw a humongous tree it was so big (probably the biggest tree in the whole Botanical Garden)! It was amazing we all learned a lot of new facts. It was a lot of fun learning new facts and visiting at the Botanical Gardens! -Claire

This week on Tuesday we went on a field trip to the Botanical Gardens. It was really fun. My Mom came. We both loved it. I liked seeing the glass sculptures. They were made by a man that couldn't see out of one eye. His name is Dale Chihuly. My favorite one was a blue twisty thing. -Caroline

This week, on Friday, we wrote our own poems. I wrote mine about the rain. We drew pictures to go with our poems. It was really fun! -Annabelle

On Wednesday we started studying about poets. All of the people in the class were reading a poem called Fog by Carl Sandburg. We had to do a worksheet. At the last step we had to write our own poem. Mine was called Wind. -Sam

We went on a field trip to the Botanical Gardens. There were lots of plants and trees. And we saw the most toxic frog in the world, a fact is that it can kill up to 6 people! -Finn

We went to the Botanical Garden on Tuesday. Dale Chihuly is a one-eyed artist who made glass sculptures of crazy plants for the garden. We learned really cool facts, like: the vanilla plant produces its flowers only ONE day every year! And we were actually lucky enough to see it bloom! For all the different plants (rainforest, desert, natural, etc.) they each had a special habitat for what they are! We saw stuff from other cultures! A Chinese moon gate and a Japanese garden! -Tobias

On Tuesday we went to the Botanical Gardens it was fun. We got to see a lot of things. We got to see different kinds of plants and some of them are poisonous. And they had poisonous frogs too. It was awesome. -Ta'lor

On Tuesday we went to the Botanical Gardens. My favorite part was the mountain. It was really cool when they let out the mist because it's misty in the mountains. -Essie

This week we went to the Botanical Garden. At the Botanical Garden we went to a rainforest biome. We also went to a very cool Japanese garden. -Oliver